How To Stop And Reduce Hair Fall – 14 Things That Worked For Me

How To Stop And Reduce Hair Fall – 14 Things That Worked For Me

Who hasn’t had a reduction of hair scare? Most of us, sooner or later, start to worry that we might be losing too much hair. Even more often than not it’s just a false alarm, and also our hair’s routine shedding, in many cases, it is more than that. What may be causing the sudden loss of baldness?

You Want To Know About Your Hair

-Truth Concerning Hair Fall

1- Only Men Are Performed By Balding

Let me make this clear! Experiencing lack of hair doesn’t indicate that there’s something wrong with one of your own ‘X’ chromosomes. It is actually pretty common for females to experience hair fall. In reality, 40% of females are affected by lack of hair at a certain time in their life.

2- Washing Your Hair Too Frequently Is The Problem

The next time someone gives you this tiny bit of undesirable advice,

please don’t hesitate to laugh at them. Granted, washing your hair more than thrice a week is a bit excessive, but it doesn’t result in loss of hair.

3- Brushing = Balding

No, cleansing does NOT make you bald. I mean, unless you’re yanking the hair right out of your skull with a brush, then this isn’t something. Nevertheless, brushing your hair when it is wet is a significant no-no as this causes breakage.

4- Coloring And Hair Treatments Will Lead To Hair Loss

What’s the point of getting hair in case you can’t have fun with it? As long as you go about it the proper way and avoid more processing, you’re excellent. Nevertheless, there are certain hair treatments that record hair fall as a possible side effect, so it is always a wise idea to do your research before you opt for an extreme therapy.

-Hair Growth – The Stages

1: Anagen

This is the phase when the hair grows from the follicles, and the rotating shaft is continuously constructed, increasing the length of your hair. This phase can last for 2-6 decades.

2: Catagen

In this phase, your hair prepares to go into resting. This stage may last for about two or three weeks.

3: Telogen

The last phase is the resting phase wherein the hair stops growing and eventually drops out to let a brand new hair replace it. This phase lasts for about 5-six weeks.

-What causes Hair Fall?

 Hereditary Factors

Baldness is often passed down through genes. In case your parents have a reduction of baldness, it is likely you’ll as well. While this is much more evident in men, women too suffer from clinically inherited alopecia.

Hormonal alterations

Hormonal fluctuations in the body increase the sensitivity of hair follicles, weaken hair roots, and cause excessive hair fall. Menopause, ovarian cysts, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, etc., bring about changes in your body’s hormonal equilibrium, which eventually leads to lack of hair.

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