Garlic and Onions:
Home Remedies for Hair Loss?

Some home remedies for hair loss include rubbing natural substances like garlic and onion onto your scalp!

This article discusses the benefits and practicalities of using these ideas as well as alternative variations you might prefer.

Using home remedies for hair loss like garlic and onions may help hair growth.

The reason why these substances can help hair growth is because of the sulfur they contain which boosts circulation when applied topically.

And, since hair growth is dependent upon strong blood circulation, you can see why these compounds can be beneficial if you rub them on your scalp.

Unfortunately, the sulphur content also explains why they have such a pungent smell.

And do you really want your hair smelling of garlic or onions?

No, of course not!

It's all well and good eating garlic and onions or taking supplements as they are extremely healthy for your body. But, rubbing them on your scalp at night, three or four times a week, and then trying to sleep with both you and your room stinking of sulphurous compounds is completely impractical both to you and your partner in bed.

And trying to shampoo the smell away in the morning might not even work, which is also highly undesirable because it will basically affect everyone you meet!

So, trying out home remedies for hair loss like these are fine as long as they work and are practical. Clearly, rubbing garlic and onions onto your scalp is definitely not practical!

However, taking these foods internally is something that's usually highly recommended (especially garlic).

Be it fresh and raw or cooking it first, or maybe taking odourless garlic capsules to get a concentrated dose.

All these ideas should help your body and to some extent your hair. But this is not a cure for hair loss! The foods you eat and supplements you take are important (and for some people with nutritional deficiencies maybe vital), but they will almost certainly not be enough to regrow your hair back and then keep it for life.

A good alternative supplement would be MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). This substance provides biologically active sulfur and trials have shown that it can improve hair and nail growth. Source: hairloss-research.org

MSM is a very affordable supplement that you can buy from most health food shops.

Whilst I try to eat healthy foods, the way I beat baldness was by using a hands-on approach.

If you've already explored my website, then you'll know that male and female hair loss resulting from androgenetic alopecia is caused by skull bone growth (something the hair loss industry is still not yet aware of despite my best efforts to tell them!)

To deal with this problem, I believe you must treat the underlying cause. And this does NOT mean simply taking DHT blockers or applying drugs like minoxidil and hoping they'll be enough!

My own approach to hair loss doesn't involve taking any supplements like MSM either.

To learn about my own home remedy for hair loss - Click Here.

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