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Over the years, bollywood movie has progressed quite a bit in lots of category such as horror, thriller, and black comedy among many others. However, the genre of espionage or spy movies remains largely unexplored. Movie patrons of Bollywood have to still motivated to Hollywood or south cinema flicks for their dose of spy thrillers. But there is still hope for Bollywood town in the form of Meghna Gulzar’s spy film ‘Raazi’ which stars Alia Bhatt. Movie is release on 11th May.

Bollywood Movie New Release

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Bollywood movies has offered different types of content throughout the past two decades. There is a lots of evolution of the audience and the way they perceive things. The Indian audience has started accepting what the creative minds have to offer. Audience of India has always been a Bollywood loving country. The country looks forward to Fridays as if they are festivals.

Some time we have to think. Is every Bollywood movie a dance movie? How does any one define a dance movie? Dance has always been an intrinsic part of bollywood movies in India. There is a some classical choreographers  who already created their mark. But choreographers like Shiamak Davar and Terence Lewis sense the brewing of a new movement to their advantage — all thanks to Remo D’Souza’s ABCD: Any Body Can Dance.

Movie town dance guru feels one should not “concentrate more on making a collage of various dance moves and various dance episodes throughout the film” in which their hair is make an style on different level. “It should be a movie first and then dance should help the movie. It should not be about how beautifully you have shot six dance sequences,” added Hegde, who hopes to make a movie which stays long in the minds of people.

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